About Center

We want to contribute to the promotion of your happiness as we think health is the most important factor for a happy life. But routine risks such as environment pollution, stress, lack of exercises and irregular diet are exposing us to cancers, geriatric diseases and other chronic diseases. With the advancement of medical development, our focus shifted from prolongation of life itself to healthy life. Modern medicine lays more emphasis on prevention rather than on medical treatment. And it suggests that the most appropriate way is to maintain healthy life style and early diagnosis and treatment before you have any symptom. For the last 60 years, we Kosin University Hospital developed as a major Hospital in our community, specializing in cancer and have been making consistent efforts to keep you healthy, thereby contributing to the development of medical prevention and treatment Our Health promotion center has excellent medical staff and equipment and makes consistent efforts to give you systematic health management under the slogan of "Making the healthy even healthier".