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Assuring helping hand that moves the hearts of the patients.
Warm reverberation shared with the world.
Kosin University Gospel Hospital is love.


Infusing love, compassion of heart and happiness.


Blissful treatment, sharing that becomes even greater through putting in efforts together


Kosin University Gospel Hospital


Miracle of creating laughter is achieved through 10% being medical practice and 90% being human benevolence.


The belief that not only the illness of the body but also of the mind can be healed when the trust with the patient can be restored by letting go of oneself is the spirit of the Kosin University Gospel Hospital.


1951 : Opening of Gospel Medical Clinic
1977 : Receiving approval as a general hospital
1978 : Opening of the Cancer Center as a subsidiary institution of the Busan Gospel Hospital (commencement of operation of the 2ndcancercenterinKorea)
2004 : Adoption and operation of the first PET-CT Center in the region of Southern Korea
2008 : Designated as a specialized center for intensive emergency diseases (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family)
2009 : Succeeded the 500th case of renal transplant surgery
2011 : 60th anniversary of the hospital, Certification as the most outstanding medical institution by the Ministry of Health and Welfare(the first in Busan, Gyeongnam)
2012 : Selected as a Grade 1 hospital for treatment of key cancers in the evaluation by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
2013 : Completion of the cancer center in commemoration of Jang, Gi Ryeo
2014 : Achieved 50,000th case of PET-CT diagnosis and the first to achieve 2,000th surgical procedure for arrhythmia in Busan
2014 : Selected the hospital for consigned operation of the education and information center for atopy and asthma in the Busan Metropolitan City


Inheriting the will of Dr. Seongsan Gi-ryeo Jang, the ‘first director of the hospital’ who began provision of free medical treatment at a military tent hospital in Yeongdo, Busan in 1951, Kosin University Gospel Hospital has achieved growth to the present state. It offered hopes to countless cancer patients by opening the cancer center in the region for the first time in 1978 and its reputation as a hospital specializing in operation of cancer center continues with the completion of the Cancer Center in commemoration of Jang, Gi Ryeo in 2013.


Kosin University Gospel Hospital is a health communication hospital that continuously offers the hand for healing by making ceaseless dedication and communication in order to become a hospital that the patients can visit with peace of mind and trust as the hospital that always stands by the patients.


The Hospital is exercising the benevolent medical treatment of love through more than 30 medical treatment departments, more than 20 hospital wards, more than 1,000 hospital beds and more than 10 specialized centers. A total of more than 1,500 staffs including 200 clinical professors are bringing trust to the patients suffering from diseases by fulfilling their respective duties in their specialized areas.


“Our patients can receive high quality medical services through the best and the most advanced medical treatment system in the country.”


Designated by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service as the Grade 1 hospital in surgical procedures with high level of difficulties and emergency medical treatment
Ranked the 1st in Korea in terms of the economic value of the surgical procedures for hepatic cancer! Selected as one of the Top 10 in the country in surgical procedures for thyroid cancer!
Acquired Grade 1 in the area of surgical procedures for stomach cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and esophageal cancer!
The best hospital in Busan, Gyeongnam in treating stroke, arrhythmia and acute myocardial infarction!
Grade 1 hospital in blood dialysis!
Designated as the hospital for APEC and ITU Plenipotentiary Conference and as the hospital for operation of educational information center for atopy and asthma in Busan Metropolitan City


The pride of Busan, Gyeongnam. The esteem of Kosin University Gospel Hospital well revealed through objective evaluations by external parties. The hospital was selected as a hospital with outstanding past performances in surgical procedures with high level of difficulties including stomach cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and esophageal cancer, etc. in the evaluation by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service as well as acquired Grade 1 in the evaluation of appropriateness for acute myocardial infarction, hip joint replacement, percutaneous coronary intervention, treatment of stroke and blood dialysis, thereby elevating the brand name and core values of the hospital that can be trusted by the patients as well as infusing pride to the medical and teaching staffs.


“Prompt and accurate diagnosis through the most advanced medical equipment enables stable treatment and surgical procedures.”


PET-CT that can diagnose and confirm the presence of metastasis of cancer at early stage
PET-CT, an image-guided radiation treatment system, adopted for the first time in the region
Oncothermia device that treats cancer with heat generated by high frequency wave
Digital Angio, highly advanced equipment used in cardiovascular procedures and testing and treatment of diseases of cerebrovascular diseases
Allura Clarity capable of obtaining high-resolution images even with low-level radiation exposure


Kosin University Gospel Hospital that offers global standard medical services in Korea is realizing the dream of extending the lifespan of mankind by further elevating the quality of medical services through adoption of the most advanced medical equipment.


“Concentration and bold investment of research capabilities can be deemed very important in the global medical market.”


Kosin University Gospel Hospital, which adopted specialized cancer center for the first time in the region and the second time in the country, carries out advanced researches in all areas of bio-science ranging from the fundamental medical science to genetic treatment.


In addition, the Hospital completed the Cancer Center in commemoration of Jang, Gi-ryeo and the central lobby with floor area of 10,000m2, which is an integrated cancer treatment and healing center, in 2013. The Hospital has been striving to increase the survival rate of cancer patients, and opening new horizon for the advanced medical treatment through adoption of multi-disciplinary cooperative diagnosis center for the first time in the region. Moreover, we are realizing full satisfaction of our clients by providing accurate and safe medical services through in-depth specialized treatment centered around the specialized centers with participation of specialists in various areas of medical treatments including the Stroke Center, Cardiovascular Center, PET CT Center, Digestive System Endoscopy Center, Respiratory System Pulmonary Cancer Center, Liver, Gall Bladder and Pancreas Center, Endocrinology Center, Renal Center, Emergency Medicine Center, Occupational Environmental Health Center, International Medical Treatment Center, Health Enhancement Center and Atopy and Asthma Education Information Center designated by the Busan Metropolitan City.


“Our mission is to contribute our talent in medical science to the society on the basis of the Christian beliefs. Our Hospital shall continue to pursue this mission in the future.”


It is the hospital that offers the most intensive and widely varying voluntary medical services in Korea. Kosin University Gospel Hospital is putting our utmost efforts in practicing of sharing of medical services through free medical treatments in villages without medical facilities, agreement as the designated hospital for medical treatments for more than 500 local social organizations, and medical missionary activities through cultivation of base hospital in 7 overseas countries.


In particular, we are practicing sharing of love and medical treatment continuously to our neighbors in various corners of the world that are the medical blind spots. Moreover, we are catapulting to the status of bona fide globalized hospital and hub hospital in Asia by securing of base hospitals in and propagating outstanding medical technology of Korea to Philippines, Vietnam, Peru and Malawi through aforementioned voluntary service activities.


The hospital with the longest history in Busan
The hospital with the first cancer center in the region
The birthplace of medical education that nurtures the leaders of the future generation of the global medical field
Hospital that serves the global community through social contribution and sharing of medical practices
Advanced medical techniques, high quality medical treatments and advanced medical treatment system
Kosin University Gospel Hospital shall continue to offer reliable trust to those suffering from diseases.


We infused love, hearts and happiness.
A broader future is unfolding
Blissful medical treatment and healthy world
Kosin University Gospel Hospital