Patient's Rights & Obligations

Patient Rights

Right to receive care Patients have the right to receive appropriate health/meical services with no discrimination based on gender, age, religion or economic reasons. Also healthcare providers cannot refuse to provide treatment without fair reasons.
Right to be informed of health status and to participate in treatment Patients have the right to a sufficient explanation about their health status, medical methods, use for medical research purposes, donation of organs, expected results, such as side effects or medical costs and to ask questions related to these topics. They also have the right to choose regarding these issues.
Right to personal privacy Patients have the right that all their personal medical information and anything related to their treatment is protected and will not to be revealed or announced.
Right to apply for advisement or mediation Patients have the right to apply for advisement or referral to the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency in case of disputes related to medical services.


Patient Responsibilities

Responsibility to trust and respect healthcare providers Patients should provide exact and complete medical information to healthcare providers and comply with agreed upon healthcare plans.
Responsibility not to receive care by false or illegal methods Patients should identify themselves before treatment and should not seek to receive care by deceptive or illegal methods.